Which of These Prospects Will Make the Majors First?

Brett Jackson – The top position player prospect in the Cubs system appeared to be days away from a call-up when he injured his hand in early May.  Since his return, he has struggled mightily by his standards, bringing is average down from nearly .300 to lower than .260.  However, he did hit  a home run yesterday and has started to turn things around.

Jay Jackson – Similarly, Jay Jackson was almost called up last year to take a spot in the bullpen, but the spot was awarded to the now-injured starter Andrew Cashner.  There were rumors that Jackson would be called up to replace an injured starter earlier this year, but the Cubs instead gave the start to reliever James Russell.

Trey McNutt – The Cubs had to trade either McNutt or top prospect Chris Archer, along with Hak-Ju Lee, Brandon Guyer, Robinson Chirinos, and Sam Fuld, to acquire Matt Garza.  The Cubs chose to keep McNutt over Archer, which speaks high praise.

Josh Vitters – Many have deemed Vitters a lost cause because of how long it has taken him to reach the majors.  What they seem to forget is the fact that Vitters is still 21, younger than many players selected in this year’s draft, and is already playing at the AA level while others his age are still playing college ball or were just drafted and will begin Short-season A level baseball in the coming days.  Vitters has surged lately to bring his batting average all the way up to .274 after a slow start.  (Vitters tends to struggle when he is called up to a new level but then adapts and plays well enough to reach the next level where the cycle continues).


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