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IvyCalls: Cubs Lose Series 2-1 to Pittsburgh

IvyCalls is a weekly interview with a Cubs fan to see how they feel about the Cubs, particularly over the week prior to the interview.  Today’s IvyCall is interviewing Cubs fan Kyle Freres of Downers Grove.

CCC: Hey Kyle, how’s it going?
KF: Having a average day after the upsetting loss but still love my Cubs.
CCC: Is there anything you would like to say to introduce yourself to the readers of CastColvCash?
KF: I am a Senior in high school that is an lover of the Chicago Cubs. My family owns season tickets and I can’t wait to see the day when the Cubs get the World Series.
CCC: All Cubs fans have been glad to bring back fan-favorite Kerry Wood who had a good inning Saturday, but struggled a little bit Sunday, as Tyler Colvin’s defense bailed him out of a run.  What are your thoughts on Kerry Wood, who returns to Chicago with a new cutter on a 1 year deal?
KF: I think its a good decision by the Cubs front office for two reasons. 1: It gives the fans something to be happy about and ultimately sell more tickets for the franchise. 2: Since Wood has gotten up there in age since he parted ways with the team I like the one year contract that he signed, because if he proves he still has a cannon like before the Cubs wouldn’t mind signing him for another contract. All in all its a great situation.
CCC: The Cubs have kept themselves in every game this year until the end, but emerge from their Opening Series with only one victory.  What are your thoughts on the Cubs play in the series?
KF: I was quite disappointed with a 1-2 start but I did see plenty of good flashes from guys like Castro that make me have some faith going deep into this season.

CCC: Shortstop Starlin Castro, just 21, has produced mixed results early this season, both helping the Cubs and hurting the Cubs.  Castro’s batting .615 this season after going 3-4 Sunday with 2 consecutive triples, a single, and starting the game with a walk from the leadoff spot in the lineup.  However, he cost the Cubs the run that ultimately led to their defeat in the 9th due mostly to over-aggression.  What do you think of Castro this season, Kyle?
KF: Hey all I can say is the kid has heart, and hey mistakes happen. Yes it did cost them a game but look, he has time to develop and coming out of spring training everyone is antsy to make that Sports Center Highlight reel. Just give him some time to mesh with the new team and his potential is sky high.
CCC: Despite the Cubs losing, new Cubs Matt Garza was pretty good in his Cubs debut, striking out a career high twelve batters while giving up three runs and exceeding one hundred pitches over seven innings in his Cubs debut.  What kind of season do you expect from Garza?
KF: I think that If he can keep a consistent game through the season it will be a fantastic year for him. Now I really didn’t like the 3 runs given up but look, debuts are tough and he will eventually get into a groove that will set the cubs up for a great year. All I can say is no more than 5 losses IF he can stay consistent. 
CCC: Thanks for your time and opinions Kyle.  Let’s hope the Cubs can win their upcoming series against the Arizona Diamondbacks that starts tomorrow at 1:20 PM at Wrigley Field, and televised on Comcast SportsNet.

KF: Thanks for the interview and lets see the Cubs take a nice old sweep to these Diamondbacks.