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Opening Day is Here!

The day we’ve all been waiting for since last October, or, if we are lucky enough, since October 14, 1908, is finally here.

Will today be like 2008, when a rookie, Kosuke Fukudome’s, 9th inning 3-run Home Run tied the game 3-3, only to lose in the 10th innings but starting a magnificent season of Chicago Cubs baseball?
Or maybe like 2009, when Alfonso Soriano hit the second pitch of the season out of the park as the Cubs put up huge numbers and won, but at the start of a disappointing season?
Or maybe, and hopefully not, like 2010 where the offense picked up its game only for the pitching to falter as the Cubs lose 16-5 to start another disappointing season highlighted by rookies Andrew Cashner, Starlin Castro, and Tyler Colvin?
Or maybe the 2011 Cubs write their own story against the Pittsburgh Pirates and simply “Win one for Ronnie”?  Only time will tell, but today’s game should be exciting regardless.


Cubs World Series Footage!

I have found actual footage from World Series the Cubs have been in!  Granted, they lose every series I can show you footage from, but it is still quite interesting to see a Cubs team in the World Series.

Some no-sound footage from the 1929 World Series (vs. Philadelphia Athletics):
Some no-sound footage from the 1932 World Series (@ New York Yankees):
Quite intriguing that these clips have lasted and been uploaded, but also quite disappointing that the Cubs haven’t won recently enough to see them actually win a World Series on film.